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Supporting Pro-Trucking Issues - HTA Trouble Window

We Support Pro-Trucking Issues

The Harbor Trucking Association is addressing the port congestion issues.

The material presented on this page represents the value of HTA membership. To ensure the material is available to you, we encourage you to join the Harbor Trucking Association. We need your support.  Click HERE to join the HTA.

Regards/Kevin Dukesherer - Chairman HTA Membership Committee


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02/20/15 PIER S Documents

Pier S Rate Schedule

Pier S Empty Agreement

Pier S Temporary LBECD

02/18/15 UNFAIR PER DIEM 2.0 Meeting

Pool of Pools Presentation-Don Peltier DCLI

How to prepare DRP1 Presented by Brian Griley

How to prepare DRP2 Presented by Brian Griley

How to prepare DRP3 Presented by Brian Griley

Binding Arbitration Process presented by Weston LaBar

DRP in EP Addenda presented by Weston LaBar

Legal Presentation presented by Cameron Roberts

01/08/15 UNFAIR PER DIEM 1.0

As a follow up to our lunch meeting on January 8th , we are recommending that each of you formally declare "force majeure" to the UIIA, and to each of the equipment providers you are involved with.   


We have an ATTACHED LETTER that you may copy /paste onto your letterhead and insert your company name where noted [LMC].


Send your letter to the UIIA, within 48 hours.  Also send a copy to the HTA at: HTAlegal@harbortruckers.la  The Harbor Trucking Association will be drafting a press release with the copies, stating that our members have declared force majeure.


Please understand that this is not legal advice. If you have any questions, you should consult with your own attorney.

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