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Flexi Van Roadside Assistance

Chassis Repair Service – Simplified

To expedite roadside assistance, consider signing up for the REACH App.

FlexiVan has now contracted REACH to facilitate Over-the-Road assistance and help get drivers back on the road faster. It connects drivers with the optimal service technician directly, eliminating the back-and-forth communication typically seen when other parties are involved.

Improved Drivers Experience:
  • With real-time mapping, drivers and technicians can quickly find each other’s locations with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Keeps communications clear and the progress of repairs visible to everyone involved.
  • With chat capability, drivers always remain up-to-date on servicing of their chassis – from estimated arrival times of technicians to possible changes in repair plans.
Resolve Breakdowns Quickly:
  • Roadside repair requests, right from a driver’s smartphone – anytime, anywhere.
  • Photo uploading allows technicians to evaluate repairs before even arriving at the scene.
  • Faster communication between parties with fewer emails and phone call saves drivers approximately 53 minutes per service event.
Increase Productivity:
  • REACH works ’round the clock and assigns service events 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • From start-to-finish, the work order tracking system efficiently manages all documentation and each step of servicing activities.
  • Using cloud-based technology, there is no necessary downtime for installation.

Learn more about how REACH can help expedite chassis repair service at www.