GSC Logistics Announces New Positions Within Their Organization

HTA Press Release

GSC Logistics situated at the ports of Oakland, Tacoma, and Seattle announces new positions within their organization.

“On August 1 st , Justin Taylor was promoted to Director of Sales Operations for GSC Logistics”, said Joseph Zepko, V.P. of Business Development for GSC. “In his role, Justin will expand the marketing department, creating a focused and robust marketing program, while expanding focused telemarketing efforts, communication campaigns, and brand recognition within GSC’s organization and throughout the Logistics industry”.

Additionally, Peter Smith has been hired as “Fleet Manager” for GSC Logistics’ operations throughout the ports in northern California and the PNW gateways as well. “Peter has a long history within logistics and the human resources area, complementing driver management, communications, and personnel recruiting as components to his Fleet Manager role” said Richard Norton V.P. of Operations for GSC Logistics.

“It is our expectation, that the promotion of Justin Taylor as Director of Sales Operations, alongside of Peter Smith’s fleet manager and recruiting role, will offer GSC new portals for growth and expansion, supported by the most qualified personnel in the logistics industry,” said Andy Garcia Chairman for GSC Logistics.”

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