HTA Expanding Services with New Program Manager

Reymundo Sauceda

The Harbor Trucking Association hired Wilmington native Reymundo Sauceda to serve the Trucking Community who work in the Long Beach and Los Angeles Port Complex.

LONG BEACH, CA. – The Harbor Trucking Association (HTA) has seen consistent growth in membership, programs, and geographical presence. As part of its ongoing growth, the HTA has expanded to include the hiring of its first program manager.

Reymundo SaucedaReymundo Sauceda will serve as the new Program Manager with the Harbor Trucking Association (HTA). He comes to us with a wide array of experience serving the Greater Los Angeles area. He has worked in the federal government, volunteered his time to work in the community and with organized labor, and has served members of the Catholic faith. Reymundo was raised and still resides in the Wilmington community. As a native of the Harbor Area, Reymundo knows many of the challenges facing many of our members and their families. His driving force has been to empower and bring resources to disenfranchised and under resourced families. His preexisting existing working relationships with elected officials, religious organizations, labor unions; community groups and business stakeholders coupled with his personality are invaluable to his role with the trucking community. The HTA is committed to providing our members with a high caliber of service and we are confident Reymundo’s experience and professionalism will reflect the accessibility and transparency we aim to provide.

Reymundo’s primary focuses will be to work with the owner-operator community to provide access to the HTA’s Trucker Advantage Program (TAP) and assemble the new Supply-Chain Operations Report (SCOR) for Beneficial Cargo Owner (BCO) members.

The TAP provides more than thirty customized resources at little to no cost for owner-operators. These include insurance solutions, permitting compliance, free grant writing services, and fuel and tire discounts as a few examples.

SCOR will bring an inclusive narrative to the HTA’s Truck Mobility Data powered by GeoStamp (TMD) to help contextualize what is impacting terminal operations, both positively and negatively.

Over the past five years, Reymundo has worked towards streamlining processes and being a resource to the communities within and around the Harbor Area. With the growth of the association and the vision for the organization moving forward, the HTA Executive Committee felt the timing was right to build upon the foundations it has created and hired additional staff to provide member drivers and companies a high level of service it has committed itself to providing. The addition of Reymundo to the HTA team reflects the ongoing growth and stability of the organization.

“We are excited to add Reymundo to our team” said Weston LaBar, the CEO of the HTA. “Reymundo’s experience growing up in the harbor area coupled with his tenures as a community advocate and experience with organized labor made him standout as our top choice for this new position.” Continued LaBar.

The HTA has been an invaluable advocate for the trucking community as it aims to provide a holistic and comprehensive analysis of trucking operations within the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. The unbiased and detailed analysis the HTA provides has been instrumental to providing a fair and cohesive industry standard.

“I am honored to have this opportunity and excited to play a part in the development and implementation of resources gained by the hard work of the HTA. Having grown up with the ‘Heart of the Harbor’ [Wilmington] I know the critical role the drivers play in moving our national economy forward. That coupled with my experience working within the public, private and non-profit sectors have enabled with the confidence to work towards listening to our drivers and companies alike as to ensure that the voice of our membership is truly reflective of those who are in the front lines of the industry” said Sauceda.

As the industry continues to change and evolve, the HTA is ensuring long-term stability for its membership.

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