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Protect Owner Operators and Speak Out on AB 5

AB 5 - Tell the California Senate to Save Small Business Trucking

We need your help.

Our business continues to be under threat from special interest groups who will gain from eliminating the owner-operator model.

What is AB 5?

Assembly Bill 5 is currently in the Senate going through the committee process where a final decision will be made before September 13th, 2019. It is imperative that Senators hear from their constituents on how AB 5 will affect Owner Operators in their district.

AB 5 proposes to enshrine the Dynamex decision in State law, changing the rules governing what determines an independent contractors status, effectively eliminating the owner operator model.

91.8% of all trucking companies in California operated five or fewer trucks in 2017. It is these small business truckers who will be most directly impacted by AB 5.

Please take two minutes of your time to ask your Senator to work with the trucking industry to save the independent trucker!

What can you do?

Please help support the CTA's efforts in Sacramento by emailing your state senator.

The CTA has been walking the halls in Sacramento, but they need the voices of our owner-operators and small trucking companies who will be most affected by abolishing independent owner-operators.